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 New character template

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PostSubject: New character template   New character template I_icon_minitimeWed May 16, 2018 12:42 pm

Online Information

Rper Name: [This is your name]
Character Name: [your character's full online name]
Age: [Your character's apparent online age]
Gender: [Your character's apparent gender if applicable]
Species: [Your character's base species]
Class: [Your character's class]

Description: [Picture of your character (if you have one) and a description of what they look like.]

Personality: [What your character is like.]

History: [Summarize what they've done in the game so far. What they do in the game regularly, and once you've been around a while feel free to expand and include what you've been doing recently.]

Items: [Items that are regularly in your character's inventory which are not weapons (a short list please of no more than 5)]

Weapon: [The primary weapon/focus of your character (or two if warrior) and it's description/picture]

Element: [Chosen element (or two if mage) of your character if applicable]

Companion animal: [Information regarding your animal companion if applicable]

Skills: [Between 3-5 skills (minimum 3 maximum 5), that your character is capable of performing. (Think along the lines of things you've seen in MMO's or video games and run with it from there)]

Offline information

Name: [Real life name of your character]
Age: [Real life age of your character]
Gender: [Real life gender of your character]
Personality: [Real life personality of your character]
Background: [Tell us about their real life.]
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New character template
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