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 In-Game Features

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PostSubject: In-Game Features   In-Game Features I_icon_minitimeSat May 19, 2018 2:10 am

You may be wondering what it's like to play Savior, and we don't blame you. Below we've listed some of our most popular features!


How does death work? When you die - starting at level 10, you gain a scar to match how your character died every time you die. You can purchase things to make the scars vanish of course, but keep this in mind as these items can get expensive!

[Scar-removal costs points so be careful out there] -Staff

When you die you are sent to your most recent save or respawn point. Repawn points can be set at any non-combat time!


*Functional Equips
You can buy equipment that is actually functional in the game! A tail that actually wraps around things? A pair of wings that move with you? The sky's the limit on things you can use to change yourself in Savior.

[Some items may cost actual points - ask us!] -Staff


Magic is a formidable weapon for those classes can use it. Not only do we have a set of customizable skills for you to use, we also have customizable magics! Starting from the base of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth - you can create a nearly endless variety of effects unique to your character! Nearly any element known to man is one that you can manufacture.

[Subject to moderator approval] -Staff


It's true we don't have the largest inventory system out there, but if you find yourself without enough space it's easy to buy a home with the money you get from slaying monsters. (Which is also a great place to hang all those trophies!)


Savior's crafting system is the forerunner in the gaming industry. Everything that can be bought or sold can be made by you. You can even hire people to sell the things you make. Run your own business and reap the rewards of all your hard work. Open storefronts across the world!

[Unique arms and armor may require items or points!] -Staff


*Marriage & Children
Did you meet someone special on Savior? We have an in-game marriage feature and you're welcome to invite all your friends to your special occasion. Feel free to modify the ceremony to the one that fits your dreams.

Some people have complained that we don't allow on-screen consummation wink but that doesn't mean you can't have children! Pick someone special to make a family with, or adopt from our pool of unused avatars. They grow up so fast these days don't they? Actually they grow up as quickly or as slowly as your settings designate! Our child-AI's are wonderfully unique to each avatar; just like with real children.


We have tons of dungeons in the game, but if you think of one you'd like to submit, we have a function for that! Now you can make a place of your own and other players can see what you've built.


*Parental settings
Savior is a fun game for all ages. If you've bought this game for a younger user, there are settings that will allow you to moderate some of our content - such as where the character is allowed to go, and what functions they are allowed to perform. So check our settings and have fun!

[This means you] -Staff

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In-Game Features
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