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 Enter the Fairy of the Crystal Forest! (Delilah + Menel)

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PostSubject: Enter the Fairy of the Crystal Forest! (Delilah + Menel)   Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:38 pm

“Shhhh... Calm down.”

Delilah crouched low on the frost covered floor, gently easing forward to the small nest. The blue bird was not so happy about it. They keep tweeting and flapping about the edge of the stony nest in the tiny cave. Their crystal feathers were flying off in all direction, cutting her hand as she edge closer towards her eggs.

“I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m just going to take one okay?” she cooed softly as she carefully reached for the small bird. Slowly and gingerly she stroked the head the little bird. Soon they seemed to understand the human meant them no harm. During the small time the bird was distracted, she took one of the small clear eggs and slowly back out, still just quietly stroking the bird. Soon she withdrew her hand just as the bird stop pecking her and flinging crystal feathers at her.

“Thank you!” she said cheerfully and put the small clear egg away in her inventory. Now she just one more ingredients to get and hopefully they are in a better mood than this little bird.

She took out her handkerchief and carefully wiped the blood off of her hands, it won’t do to scare away the critter with the smell of blood. Health potion was the better option but she didn’t have many of them left after giving majority of it away to a new player. So she would just have made do with what she has right now. It was also one of the reasons on her ingredients hunting session today, she wanted to make more and better potion for everyone she encounter.

Once she was sure all the red was cleared away, she patted the dust off of herself and jumped up. Bells jingling on her ribbons at the movement, it would probably annoy someone down the track but for now she was alone in the crystal forest so it was unlikely. At least that was what she thought.

Delilah didn’t even move too far from the previous clearing when a giant purple lizard dropped from the canopy above. The thing was large as it was almost taller than her. Large glowing crystal lined their whole spine, ending with a massive cluster at the end of the tail. They seemed to be very aggressive, for what reason she wasn’t sure at the moment.

“Woah... Easy now...” she breathed and quickly equipping her staff. Of course she has no actual intention to immediately hurt this creature, but the lizard was already snapping their jaws constantly as they edge towards her. Delilah looked around the area to see if there were any place she could run to in time.
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Fairy of the Crystal Forest! (Delilah + Menel)   Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:51 pm

It was a cold region, which Menel wasn't terribly fond of, but he was hunting down ingredients for health potions. It was always good to have a few of those on hand, but the ingredients for them had become less and less common of late. He suspected that it was because the company that ran the game was trying to get more people to buy their potions rather than going through the effort of collecting up what was necessary to make their own. Today the ingredient was crystal bird eggs which were always guarded both by the birds that laid them, but also by a newer crystal lizard creature.

As he searched for some sign of the little birds that would signal where the eggs were hidden, Menel kept a sharp eye out for the lizards. Usually they didn't pop up until you tried to make off with an egg, but sometimes they could spawn in the region randomly.

He heard the tale-tell growling ahead of him, so he dropped down low. If he could he'd rather avoid the creatures, but... He sneaked further toward where the growling was coming from. The lizards were also often right on top of the eggs which would make finding a batch much easier.

The swordsman hid himself behind a formation and peeked around it. There, standing beside a nest was a small girl all dressed up as if she meant to go to a party. Her hands were red-stained likely from stealing an egg from the nest where a pair of birds were still angrily chirping at her. It was the chirping that had attracted the lizards. If she'd killed the birds, or managed to find the nest untended then the angry chirping could have been avoided but now... She huddled back away from the lizards clearly looking to run away from them. Even he could see that wasn’t an option any longer. The creatures were too close now and she’d draw their attack the moment she turned to try.

It was an easy decision for Menel, coming around the corner with his swords already coming out. The sound of steel clearing his sheathes made his blood begin to race and he grinned at the lizards.
“Over here!” He called out to them loudly and cut the closest one before it even realized that he was there. That would draw them toward him as much as the sudden noise. Birds flocked into the air in a rush of claxing crystal wings. A shower of tiny shards fell down like a rain on them and he motioned a little with one of his swords. “Run for it!”


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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Fairy of the Crystal Forest! (Delilah + Menel)   Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:45 am

Mentally she run through the list of potion she brought with her today. The debuff potion was to slow and the buff potion was increased strength. Still not helpful against multiple enemies, one needed to be ingested and the other one needed to be splashed on. Not to mention those little birds were really unhappy about the egg. They have been tweeting non-stop for the last few minutes. It was strange, this didn’t happen last time she was gathering the ingredients, was there a major change in the recent update?

“Over here!”

She practically jumped at the sudden voice, she turned back to see another man come in swinging. Out of practise she immediately step to the side to allow him clear and easy path towards one of the lizard. They couldn’t do much but take the hit. However they recovered rather quickly and snarled viciously. They swiftly whipped their tail around, glowing mace causing sparks as it dragged along the ground. Delilah was at least fast enough to bring the staff up to block it, even if it made her stagger back more. The other one snarled at the newcomer and lunged for him, teeth bared and sparkling claw out stretched. She looked back towards the one that attacked her, the crystals on the back was glowing and sparking. That can’t be good.

“Run for it!”

Delilah didn’t really think twice before immediately turning and ran towards the man. Jumping up a little to avoid the snapping jaws, then grabbing for his arm and tug him along to run with her. She will never leave anyone behind. Even if they can’t outrun the mob – she have no idea if the bells accessories she have attracted them or how far their pathing range should be – they could at least get to a more open area to deal with this.
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Fairy of the Crystal Forest! (Delilah + Menel)   

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Enter the Fairy of the Crystal Forest! (Delilah + Menel)
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