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PostSubject: * * Points * *   Mon May 07, 2018 5:14 pm

What are points? How do I get them?

Points are rewards for role playing, and participating in other site events. Special events will be marked with how many points you get for participation, while others are listed below as they will be reoccurring things that you can get points for doing.

1. You get one points per every role play post (added automatically).

2. You get one point for ever 10 role play posts you make in a a role play (added by you)

3. You get one point for every palette challenge you participate in (added by the moderator of the palette challenge).

4. You get one point for every picture/piece you turn in during the Inktober challenge month.
(We will post prompts the whole month to help keep you motivated! But they're only suggestions so you don't have to do them. Points will be added by the moderators.)

5. You get ten points for participating in any of the spring/winter prompt events (added by the moderators).

6. You get ten standard points for participating in any rp with a hacker because you accept the risk that your character may be permanently affected by the encounter.
(You may choose the manifestation of this effect, but there is a high chance of one happening to your character. Do not ask for an effect, but you may request that you not get one. If you say nothing it is considered permission to permanently affect your character. - Points added by you only after the role play is completed)

You have access to your own points so that you can add points for things that you do yourself, however we will keep track of these things ourselves while others have been set up to be added automatically.

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PostSubject: Re: * * Points * *   Mon May 21, 2018 4:36 pm

What are points good for?

This is why this thread exists. Make your own topic in order to request items and various other handy things for your character. Some will add a little additional flavor to your character, some will help you change things that you might not like about your character currently. Keep in mind that you can't buy everything with points, there will be special rewards sometimes for those that participate in events that you will not be able to purchase here.
(Besides, participating in events is a great way to get points to spend here ;3)

Can I share points between my characters?

Certainly! These points belong to you. Just make sure that each of your characters are marked as being yours. If you want to spend points from multiple characters simply list the characters and how many points from each you wish to spend!
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PostSubject: Re: * * Points * *   Mon May 21, 2018 4:37 pm

Things you can spend your points on:

Extra Skill wrote:
What it does: Each character is able to have five skills that are related to their class. Purchasing this bonus will give you an extra ability/skill slot.

Quantity: You receive one extra ability for the base price listed, though you may purchase more than one at a time if you choose.

Limitations: There's a limit of having 10 skills total for any one character.

Cost: 50 tokens per skill per character

Element wrote:
What It Does: Some classes don't start with elements, others are limited to one or two. This allows you to increase the number of elements a given character can use.

Quantity: Dependent on class.

Limitations: A class that starts with no elements may never have more than one, any class that starts with one may never have more than two while mages may have up to four. Any new elemental abilities on your character sheet must go through moderator approval.

Cost: 50 tokens per element per character

Companion wrote:
What it does: Only Beastmasters have the ability to have a companion that fights with/for them. This allows you to get one for yourself. This can also be used to give a Beastmaster's companion one skill of it's own.

Quantity: One per character

Limitations: While the companion of a Beastmaster can have up to five skills (taking up their human counterpart's full quota) a bought companion can only have one this skill does not count against the total number of skills a character is allowed to have.

Cost: 50 tokens per character

Scar-be-gone wrote:
What it does: Have you allowed your character to die more often than you're willing to have them be scarred by the game mechanics? Use this buy to remove any number of scars.

Quantity: One (but this can be bought multiple times)

Limitations: This removes all scars desired one time - can be bought multiple times per character.

Cost: 5 tokens

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