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 Rules of Engagement

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PostSubject: Rules of Engagement   Rules of Engagement I_icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2018 6:02 pm

1. Treat other members with respect. Do not use any derogatory, or hurtful names to refer to other members. Every kind of person is welcome here regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, etc.

2. As this is primarily a writing group we have a minimum word requirement for each post. Each post must be at least 150 words unless it is in the general chat area or is a comic rp. To get your character approved, you must have at least ten coherent rp posts of that length or longer.

3. No advertising. The only exception is if somebody asks you for a forum's link, which you may PM them.

4. No spamming. Do not post unless it's your turn to do so, and try not to post multiple times in a row unless it's in your own thread (such as an art, writing or coding thread)

5. Do not provide personal information such as your last name, home phone number, or address on the site. No admin will ask you for this information, and if someone is asking you for this information repeatedly please report them. (Taking a screenshot of the post, or message is helpful.)

6. No sexual or graphic content above a PG-16 rating. If your role play contains self-harm, murder, or other triggering situations, please put a warning at the top of the first post! (If a thread eventually includes it, just update that post with a trigger warning - and if you're not sure what that entails ask a staff member). Nor is any sort of on-screen sex allowed, our hosting site doesn't allow it so if you want to do it - take it to a private document, or to another off-site location.

7. God-moding. Do not use, move or KILL anybody else's character but your own. You are not allowed to god-mode which means doing anything to someone else's character without their express permission. If you have it - then fine - but otherwise keep your posts to your own characters. This also includes making your characters invincible. They should be hit sometimes after all. You have control over how and when, but no character should face every adversity unphased.

8. No plagiarism. We don't accept characters that are from tv shows, movies, books and etc. This also means that we don't allow tracing or stealing art from another artist whether they're a member or not. If you're looking for art we have lots of members you can ask - or hire to get art of them.

9. Do not harass the mods/admin/etc. Not for roleplays, or for approval of your characters/skills/what have you. We assure you that we are going as fast as we can - but this is a place for us to enjoy too. So keep that in mind.

10. We don't tolerate ninja accounting. Ninja accounting is when you make an account and keep your identity a secret from the rest of the members. This has been known to cause some behavioral problems. Moderators can see member IP addresses so keep that in mind. Also we find it helpful if you add a signature to your characters - something to identify them as your own.

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Rules of Engagement
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