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 Take your Meds - Skultone & Delilah

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PostSubject: Take your Meds - Skultone & Delilah   Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:31 pm

Adventurer needed!
Try out an experimental potion for monetary reward
Details available upon request

Skultone stared at the advertisement on the wall of the shop he was walking past. It was perfectly acceptable for players to post ads when they needed help or were looking to buy or sell items. This was the first time he had seen one looking specifically for… lab rats? Behind his mask the security officer frowned and took down the poster, rolling it up and tucking it into his inventory to keep it safe. Around him the rest of the world kept moving. If anyone looked at him with curiosity they were unwilling to approach the rake-thin man in his sleek yet intimidating armor.

While it could be an entirely innocent request for help from a potion maker there was no way he was willing to take the chance that it wasn’t. No, first he would investigate. If the person behind the advertisement was legitimate he’d return the poster to its home and wish the player the best of luck. If not he would rather he nip the problem directly in the bud.

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PostSubject: Re: Take your Meds - Skultone & Delilah   Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:52 am

It took a while but Delilah huffed with relieve as the potion poured into the glass bottle safely. Experimenting with potions were always fun but that doesn’t mean there were no dangers. Last few already exploded into her face, some even destroyed her pot. And thanks to her knee-jerk reaction to screech at these events, her brother make her test her potions on someone else.

She hated that thought! Of course there was a chance for potion to backfire, but not all the time! She was not about to endanger other people for that, even if it’s in a game. Still her brother makes an excellent point that every time she screamed in game, it sends her sister into panic-fight mode, not good for her heart. So in the end Delilah reluctantly posted the advertisement, recruiting players to help with her potion making.

Still she tried keeping most of the detail as vague as possible to make sure people think it was a scam. Also putting the location in scary hard to reach locations, like in the basement of an abandoned run-down building on the edge of the town. It was a scary fall with no staircase but it turned out alright. How she gets back out was a question she has not really thought about until just now. She guessed she could just brew an ice creation potion and see if she can sculpt a staircase out.

With that in mind she set to work, even putting her favourite music in the back ground.
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Take your Meds - Skultone & Delilah
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